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Toxicity in online gaming is a growing risk that damages human and commercial potential. As interactions become increasingly virtual, OTO powers moderation at scale to create safer and happier online communities.

Join us as we showcase our solution alongside emerging voice technology products at the Google for Startups Accelerator Voice AI Demo Day on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 12:30 Eastern Time.

Ubiquitous with children and young adults, games have become “increasingly complex, diverse, realistic, and social”. Games do so much good, like aiding cognitive development, promoting teamwork and skills development. …

By Teo Borschberg and Nicolas Perony, founders of founders, Teo Borschberg and Nicolas Perony, believe that just as the web changed the world in the ’90s, so too the voice-first industry will empower exponential opportunity for humanity.

As humans, we’re moving deeper into a voice-first context, a shift only accelerated by COVID-19. predicts that in 2021, voice will go mainstream to supersede clumsy computer interfaces and eclipse voice-to-text-solutions. This as humans and machines finally begin to better understand each other.

We know this because OTO’s vision is simply to make human-computer interfaces feel more, well, human. We’ve been hard at work maturing this market for three and a half years. Now our vision is being realised.

On a single day in April 2020, Microsoft reported that 200…

By Nicolas Perony, Co-founder and CTO of OTO Systems

Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off during the second and final US presidential debate on 22nd October 2020. Screenshot courtesy PBS Youtube stream

In a world where AI-powered deepfakes disrupt democracy, data and its analysis is increasingly important to journalists, activists, watchdogs and citizens who police election processes.

Presidential debates should showcase constitutional democracies by giving the electorate policy insights. But then came the “shit show” that was the first Trump-Biden clash. By using AI to analyse the audio stream from that event I wanted to reveal insights that couldn’t be obtained otherwise.

Advances in voice technology enable government and businesses to have deep insight into verbal communication. AI reveals insights on energy levels…

By Nicolas Perony, Co-founder and CTO of OTO Systems

Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the first, chaotic presidential debate. Screenshot courtesy PBS Youtube stream

As Trump and Biden get set to face off in the final debate of a bitter US election contest, I wanted to look beyond mere words to investigate what voice data would reveal about the voices of the two incumbents.

We know that words carry meaning, but I wanted to understand more about the power of the delivery of these words, and the influence of hidden insights that would tell the world more about behaviour and intent, in that first chaotic debate televised on September 29, 2020.

An AI-aided analysis of…

By Nicolas Perony, Co-founder and CTO of OTO Systems

The e-commerce juggernaut premiered its voice-enabled fitness tracker in August 2020, but the potential of Amazon’s Halo could be hamstrung by the technology that underpins it.

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In 2017, some three years before Dr Maulik Majmudar announced early access to Amazon Halo, “a tool that analyses energy and positivity in a user’s voice”, Teo Borschberg and I were hard at work pioneering the frontiers of speech technology. Unbeknown to us the technology behemoth was also busy filing patents related to voice intelligence.

What Teo and I did knew back then was that…

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When we were first introduced to voice assistants like Siri back in 2011, nobody predicted that it would become such a driver for tech innovation.

Almost a decade later, it is now estimated that one in every four Americans own a smart speaker (Amazon Echo, Google Home), while eMarketer predicts that close to 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants by the end of 2020.

But as big brands like Google and Amazon continue to fuel this trend and compete for market share, the technology behind voice interfaces is advancing at a very rapid pace. …

As more and more consumers are using Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), speech recognition has become essential in our everyday lives. With voice-driven applications like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or the many voice responsive features of Google, our phones, computers, and even our home appliances are increasing our dependence on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning through voice.

According to Globe Newswire, the voice and speech recognition market is expected to reach $26.8 billion by 2025. This is based on the adoption of VPAs and other smart technology into the market for consumers. …

When it comes to cutting-edge voice technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives business and research enterprises the tools to add more functionality to their applications. OTO has developed DeepTone™, a unique technology based on deep neural networks trained on a large voice corpus mixing public and proprietary data from thousands of speakers covering a variety of languages and accents. This allows the AI to learn from the hugely diverse spectrum of human emotional expression.

Powered by AI, OTO leverages innovative voice technology to understand key human behaviors and sounds in real-time from a speaker’s tone, providing you with a rich acoustic…

OTO’s AI technology is already being used for the detection of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease
OTO’s AI technology is already being used for the detection of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease

The most important part of medical care is the ‘human’ touch. With the onset of advanced technologies in medicine, the thought of AI creates anxiety in patients and even in those working in the field. People don’t want to feel overshadowed and seconded in relevance to the technology that may decide their well-being.

There are several types of AI already used by health providers and biotech companies. Applications range from diagnosis and treatment recommendations to patient engagement and observation, as well as administrative activities. Even though AI can perform healthcare tasks equal to or better than humans, factors like empathy…

In a sea of similar products and services, Customer Experience (CX) can act as a powerful differentiator. According to Gartner’s Customer Experience in Marketing Survey¹, 67% of companies feel they compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX, and 81% expect to do so within two years. Getting your brand’s CX right has become a business imperative and a key battleground for winning, or indeed, losing business. A Bain & Company analysis also found that companies that excel in customer experience grow revenues 4–8% above their market average². This is because a superior experience positively influences loyalty among customers…

OTO Systems Inc.

OTO is an SRI International spin-off venture building the next generation in voice tech.

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