Introducing OTO

Voice is already big today, and it’s about to be gigantic.

Businesses and consumers exchange over a hundred billion phone calls every year. 1 in 5 Americans already interacts with a smart speaker on a daily basis, and the share of Google voice search in the US is reaching 30%. It’s all logical, voice is the most seamless form of human communication.

When making affective decisions, people rely primarily on intonation and non-verbal cues, rather than words (adapted from Mehrabian, Albert (1981). Silent Messages: Implicit Communication of Emotions and Attitudes).
Acoustic dimension beyond the words

The story behind OTO

After Apple acquired the SRI International spin-off Siri, a group of SRI scientists led by Elizabeth Shriberg decided to further push the frontiers of speech understanding by combining deep expertise in behavioral science and artificial intelligence. The result is a technology that can computationally model a speaker’s intonation directly from raw sound waves to derive meaning, sentiment and behavior beyond words and in real time.

OTO extracts thousands of features from speech in real time.

How OTO uses intonation to deliver value today.

Businesses and consumers exchange over a hundred billion calls per year, yet less than 10% of these calls are being sampled for quality assurance. This is an untapped gold mine of customer insights.

Impact of real-time coaching on call center agent “engagement” before / after using OTO.

Building a library of human behaviors.

We started where the value is, where the data is. But that’s just the beginning.

OTO Systems Inc.



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OTO Systems Inc.

OTO Systems Inc.

OTO is an SRI International spin-off venture building the next generation in voice tech.