OTO makes online voice chats safe

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Toxicity in online gaming is a growing risk that damages human and commercial potential. As interactions become increasingly virtual, OTO powers moderation at scale to create safer and happier online communities.

Makers, platforms and players pay a steep price for toxicity

Harassment, violent speech and toxicity in online gaming environments puts brands and business revenues at risk. Online harassment and toxicity is rampant, and steadily rising, particularly in digital game experiences.

Toxicity gets violent.

Sam Haberern, was playing Call of Duty on Xbox at his family’s house in Connecticut, The Washington Post reports, when he began getting invites to play from other gamers. At first, Haberern said in the interview: “It was great. I was talking [trash], they were talking [trash].” But the tone of the conversation shifted dramatically. The other gamers told the twenty-year old they were going to kill him. “I felt almost unsafe in my own home, which is not a feeling I like to get from playing Xbox Live,” Haberern said.

Smarter, more humane online gamer moderation.

The FairPlay Alliance, a global coalition of gaming professionals and companies committed to developing quality games champions the idea that: “Every player deserves a fair, safe, and inclusive space to play.”

Toxicity hurts gamer experiences. Here’s how we change this.

OTO is an SRI International spin-off venture building the next generation in voice tech.